Thursday was National Beer Day in the United States and Snapchat celebrated it by rolling out a compilation video of users’ beer related Snapchats.

National Beer Day is celebrated in the United States on April 7th as the Constitutional amendment prohibiting alcohol was repealed in 1933 on this day. Upon signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act and the end of prohibition in the States, Franklin D. Roosevelt made the famous statement “I think this would be a good time for a beer.”

USA is a country that definitely loves its beer. From its family restaurants, to its national holidays, nothing is celebrated without the presence of beer. So it stands to reason that they would be celebrating their National Beer Day on such an auspicious date. Snapchat decided to partake in the revelry with a compilation video of beer related Snapchats.

The video released by Snapchat got creative by not only showing people enjoying beer and beer being made at breweries, it also showed University students in their brewery studies classes, home brewing sessions of (widely) different capacities and what appeared to be people smashing beer bottles and mugs.

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While the latter of those clips may not be in the spirit of National Beer Day, because no one likes to make a waste of a perfectly good beer, there’s no denying that Snapchat did its part to celebrate America’s love for beer and people’s natural right to get sloshed!

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