New York: Politicians have a knack of saying one thing and then going back on it soon. That happens with their tweets too.

But now you can grill a politician for the things they said in a tweet and then deleted on second thoughts as a website collects and publishes deleted tweets.
Called Politwoops, the website collects and publishes deleted tweets of US politicians. It was created by Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit organisation that advocates open government, reported.
The tweets date back to 2012.
Often the deletions are not very exciting. Politicians, or perhaps their operatives, delete many tweets because of a typo, inaccuracy or broken link.
In other cases, someone might have thought better of an awkward or potentially embarrassing tweet.
Sometimes politicians make entertaining and enlightening reading.
Politwoops analysed deleted tweets to reveal how politicians subtly honed their messages during the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights march in Selma, Alabama.

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