New Delhi: Launched by two big giants of the technology world — Microsoft and Nokia – the Windows Phone after several years is still struggling to find its place in the smartphone market. The ‘switch to Lumia’ advertisement campaign had brought initial success for the Windows phone but couldn’t really help the manufacturer take on Samsung and Apple, primarily.
There was a time when the Windows phone used to hold around 10% market share in Europe, but that trend seems to be fading now.
Meanwhile, in response to developers, bloggers, technology writers who criticised Microsoft for not doing enough to generate developers’ interest in writing application for its struggling phone platform, the software giant introduced Windows 10, its Universal Application concept, but it did not seem to hit the sweet spot either.
With the Windows 10 launch, the app base in the Windows 10 Mobile has increased, whereas, Windows 10 mobile hold in the Smartphone market has fallen. So what’s Microsoft planning to do about this? It is working on something called ‘Surface’ phones.
Some pictures of the Windows 10 Mobile:
Yes, amidst the fall of the Lumia line, even after the much-anticipated, aggressive and innovative advertisements campaigns targeting iPhones and other Android-based phones, it couldn’t taste much success. So are we soon going to see Lumia metamorphose into a ‘Surface’ phone?
With rumours abuzz, and if they are to be believed, Microsoft indeed is working on a Surface phone. The Surface phone is based on their successful Surface convertibles 2-in-1, which has beaten Apple’s Mac line up in certain quarters, Microsoft’s most successful device to date.
The Surface phone is assumed to emerge with super hardware specifications like Snapdragon 830 chipsets, detachable keyboard, fast charging, 500 GB storage space, 4 to 8 GB of RAM. a USB Type-C port. The phone may carry a 20 MP Carl Zeiss camera, 5.7-inch 2K screen and a metal finish design. It may also include a stylus just like the one that comes with the Surface series.
The software giant is also believed to be working on all the issues reported currently in its present Lumia line up and is expected to bridge all those gaps, including the UI changes that people expect from Microsoft.
Some reports on the Microsoft Surface phone suggest that the company is working on its three variants. It is expected that the Redmond-based firm will unveil the Surface phone in the first quarter of 2017.
So if it does really happen, Android and iPhone could face some fierce competition from the Surface line of phones, as they have faced with the Surface book. 

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