New Delhi: Apple Inc.’s smart watch which was launched a year ago had been facing a lot of criticism worldwide calling Apple’s attempts to have gone wrong. The tech giant, however, have made a comeback with a new software. Apple has announced Apple’s new Watch software, watchOS 3 which is seven times faster than before.
Here’s a list of seven things that make the Apple’s watch a whole lot better:
1) Breathe guided meditation app: A new health app, called Breathe, will remind you to take a moment and breathe. The Apple’s thinking here is that we should all take a few minutes every day to clear our mind, be more aware of our breathing in an attempt to relax and lessen stress levels.
2) Find My Friends: Now tracking your activity on Apple watch is not a lonely experience anymore. Apple is bringing friends to the Activity app. You can cheer on or trash-talk those on your friends list, depending on their daily activity status. 
3) Scribble: Apple has added the ability to write on the watch using you finger using the scribble feature. When it is activated, you write out your message, one letter at a time on the screen of your watch. The watch will identify your handwriting and translate it to text, ready to be sent in a message.
4) App dock: With apps now loading faster, it would make sense for you to have quicker access to those apps. For that, Apple included an app dock similar to the one found on MacOS or iOS. So, you can set certain apps to live in the dock and quickly open the dock by pressing the side button on your watch. 
5) Music: New Music complication is now available on watch faces.
6) Maps: Primary Maps view has a white background on icons, making it easier to see
7) Accessibility: Apple has long prided itself as a company that pushes accessibility features forward, making the company’s various devices usable for all. As detailed during Monday’s keynote, Apple has developed a wheelchair mode for the Apple Watch. When activated, users will get credit for activity as he or she moves around in a wheelchair.

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