New Delhi: The Rs 251 Smartphone Freedom 251 is all set to be delivered as the company Ringing Bells went ahead and announced the delivery of the first set of 5000 phones.

Ringing Bells is an India-based firm which introduced the cheapest smartphone of the world Freedom 251 in India, priced at Rs 251 which comes to around $4. This news went viral and more than 60 million people across the country booked the smartphone.

Recently the phone was unveiled, and it has a mix of good looks along with basic decent features. The phone runs on Android platform, but the built and interface is more like an Apple device. It’s a touch screen model with both front and back cameras.

As of now 5000 handsets are ready for delivery, but will Ringing Bells stick to its promise and fulfil the order clause of 60 million bookings.

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