New Delhi: We are all familiar with Pokemon since our childhood days. Be it Pikachu’s special electric power or Charlizard’s ability to set anything ablaze, we have all liked Pokemon at some point of time in our lives.
Technology has touched the sky over the years and Pokemon saw many versions. The latest version is a game called ‘Pokemon Go’.
The recently launched game received a huge response from Android and iOS users.
After over a week of its launch in Australia and New Zealand, it has at last propelled in the UK too. Germany was the principal European nation to launch the game earlier this week.
The game is making an expected $1.6 million a day from iPhone clients in the United States alone, and Nintendo’s shares have soared by just about 50 for each penny in the most recent week. It now has a larger number of clients than Tinder and ventures on Google.
Pokemon Go utilises GPS capacities of your gadget in conjunction with Google Maps to “place” the characters in genuine areas, which you then attempt to discover utilising your gadget as an aide.
However, some issues have popped up in Australia regarding Pokemon Go as four shrewd furnished thieves in the US attracted clueless players to a remote auto park to ransack them, while in another occurrence a US player discovered a dead body. 
Australian police additionally felt the need to caution clients to ensure they were careful while playing on their mobile phones especially outdoors. 

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