New Delhi: The grouchy relationship of Brazil with messaging service WhatsApp, again provoked a controversy in the nation as the app was temporarily banned.

A Brazilian judge of a lower court ordered the telephone companies to cut off access to WhatsApp in the country after the owner FaceBook declined to provide chat details related to a criminal investigation.

A report suggests that the judge took offense to the way WhatsApp responded to the court’s demands. He said, the company was treating Brazil like a ‘banana republic’. The Judge also criticized WhatsApp for responding to the court via email and in English, “as if English was the official language of this country.”

In a post on FaceBook, WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, said: “It’s shocking that less than two months after Brazilian people and lawmakers loudly rejected blocks of services like WhatsApp, history is repeating itself.”

Later, the Supreme Court of Brazil lifted the ban on the messaging service, questioning whether the lower court’s order to ban WhatsApp was reasonable and proportionate.

This was the third time since December 2015 that the hugely popular messaging app was shut down and reinstated a short time later.

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