New Delhi: One of the biggest e-commerce website, Amazon, on 7 September accidently ruined the best kept secret by the California based tech giant, Apple.

Just before few hours when Apple was expected to reveal the next iteration of its ever-popular iPhone that is iPhone 7 and 7 plus in the Apple event today. The e-commerce giant went over-board with the excitement and accidentally released its specialized page for iPhone 7 accessories—an hour before Apple was set to announce the new phone.

The pictures posted by the Amazon on its page included one iPhone with the rumoured dual back-facing cameras. It also includes a link for Bluetooth headphones, which probably confirms the long rumored removal of the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhones.

The phones looked pretty much like their previous iPhone 6, except for the dual cameras.

Here are the few pictures posted by the e-commerce giant on their accessories page.


However, later it was changed to this: