New York: With this new app, you can take a selfie by screaming at your phone.

The new iOS camera app called Triggertrap Selfie, launched by camera triggering company Triggertrap, activates the phone camera through sound inputs.

The method is simple: Just point your phone and scream at your camera, and the app will take care of snapping a shot for you, reported

The app’s live view will initially show your face as a jumble of pixel blocks.

To clear up the screen and snap a photo, just make some noise.

“As soon as the shout hits the required number of decibels, the pixelated screen will clear and the camera snaps a selfie,” Triggertrap said.

There is also a smart face detection built into the software that makes sure it only snaps a photo when there is a face in the frame.

The selfie can be shared to Twitter from inside the app. Users can download Triggertrap Selfie for free from the Apple App Store. 
So, keep screaming.

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