New Delhi: In a bid to save marriages from infidelity Microsoft and Apple have joined hands. The tech giants have come up with a genital implant that will alert one’s partner’s phone in case of cheating on partner so no chances of going astray. The implant is called ‘Commit-Tech’.

Commit-Tech is a tiny chip that is implanted on the tip of the penis of the man and vulva of the woman and then the partners can synchronize it with their phone and if one of the chips is involved in any sexual activity other than its pair then it will alert the partner’s cell phone.

“It’s a brilliant idea and we think it’s about time couples became accountable for their actions,” Stephen Triton, developer told a media house. “There is no way cheating mates can get away with infidelity anymore. If your partner is not willing to install this implant, you might want to think twice about their commitment to you.”

The chip will be available for sale from the month of November and will be compatible with all the devices of Apple and Microsoft.