After the huge success of 10,400 mAh variant, Xiaomi is going to launch its bigger and better version of MI power bank which can hold up to 16,000mAh of juice and will be available on website from Tuesday, 2PM (IST) onwards.

Like its predecessors, this model is built with a premium quality aluminium shell which can withstand 50 Kg of weight and is tested with 2000 pressure impacts and 300 rubs.

This model offers 5.1 Volt/ 3.6 Ampere output and has a dual-USB port which can charge two devices simultaneously. According to the company claims, it can fully charge Redmi Note 4G 3.5 times, IPhone 5 times and IPad 2.5 times.  And not just Apple or Xiaomi, this latest gadget is compatible with most of the Smartphone and tablets from Samsung, HTC, Google and BlackBerry, as well as a digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.(Also Read: Top 7 upcoming Smartphones of 2015)

Though, every Smartphone has its own specification for charging and may not be attuned with other chargers, these features of Xiaomi Mi Power Bank ensures that your devices get no harm using the Power Bank:

World-class chipset protection

Nine layers of circuit protection from Texas Instruments smartly control the flow between charging and discharging of the cells.

Protection from Short-circuit

Power Bank’s motherboard, battery and even the device is fully protected to the incidents of short-circuit.

Over charge and Over discharge protection

Since Li-ion batteries are pretty dangerous when current flow is not regulated, Xiaomi has played it smart by keeping it in consideration. With its Japanese technology, it also prevents the batteries from overcharging or over discharging.

Reset Mechanism

Power Bank can be easily reset with the power button whenever it stops responding.

Charger Protection

It automatically detects whether the charger is properly inserted or not and barriers the current flowing to and from the batteries.
With diverse varieties in Power Bank Xiaomi launching in India and their increasing demand, it looks like Xiaomi is slowly making a stand in the Indian market and may give a tough competition to the current brands.

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