The social media has been taken by storm as people search for Top 10 criminals in India. Numerous angry Indians have expressed their anger on Twitter over Google showing images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi among other criminals as one search for that phrase.

Even though the search giant has apologized for the same, the anger of Modi followers is justified as it does not reflect a positive image of the Indian PM on the global platform. (Also Read: Google apologises after showing Modi in top criminals List)

Within no time, #Top10 criminals was trending on Twitter on Tuesday as people started sharing the agitated opinions on this. But do we realize that we are actually worsening things by doing so? Here it goes how…

According to the internet technicalities, if there is a continuous search for Modi with Top 10 criminals, the trouble further increases as it allows algorithms of Google to actually associate the name with the phrase even further.

As quoted in a report, a Google India spokesperson said, “Google’s algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals or ‘clues’ that make it possible to guess what you might really be looking for. In image search, these signals include things like the terms on websites surrounding the image, the metadata associated with the picture.”

Speaking about the specific Modi related issue, the company claimed of looking into the matter.

How Google search works?

After crawling on different web pages using special software Googlebot and following page to page links, Google classifies these pages by content and other factors after which it loads the content in an index (a directory of data).

Several clues are searched by Google’s algorithms to comprehend what actually is being hunted, on the basis of which, significant documents turn up in the index and are ranked on the basis of 200 different factors. These factors may include the type of the content, newness of the content, site worthiness, page quality, search word synonyms, social media promotions, as well as the user context such as area and web history. While several factors are known, there are many other factors which are kept confidential with the company to put a stop to malcontents that is capable of rigging the system.


Reports claim that Google signed an agreement with Twitter earlier this year to access the firehose data stream of Twitter that gives Google facility to index tweet in real-time. With this, it means that as soon as a particular thing starts trending Twitter, Google is alerted about it.

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