New Delhi: The news of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burning and exploding has not even cooled yet that the news of another phone exploding has come to light. 
A man named Tanvir Sadiq posted photos of the exploded Lyf phone on micro-blogging site Twitter and captioned it as “My family had a narrow escape today after @reliancejio ‘s @Reliance_LYF phone exploded & burst into flames.” 

Tanvir Sadiq’s Twitter handle describes him as Political Secretary to the Working President of Jammu and Kashmir National conference party. 
The photos show the burnt parts of the phone with the Lyf branding visible. It was difficult to make out the model of the phone due to the extreme damage the explosion brought to the phone. 
When the company was contacted, a spokesperson said that they will launch a thorough investigation in the matter. 
Earlier, reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burning across the globe became a serious issue. Samsung first replaced the faulty phones with new units, but the reports of even the replaced phones being not safe made the company to finally kill the phone. 
In September, another such incident was reported where a Lyf Water 1 phone exploded in the hands of a user, while the phone was not even plugged into a charger.