New Delhi: Worried looking for functional ATMs in your town? Here are a few new apps to help you.

In order to tackle the trouble of looking for ATMs, banks or post offices with cash, app developers are working on new products to help customers get cash quickly. Walnut App, which was originally designed to help users track their expenses, has added a new feature to help them track ATMs with cash.

The app directs the users towards a functional ATM and informs them about the length of queues at the ATM. Users can also help other people by sharing the location and queue status of a functional ATM.

According to a statement posted by Walnut, every time the user withdraws cash from an ATM, a push notification about the queue status will be received on the app. The information about #ATMwithCash can also be shared on social sites like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Besides Walnut, there are other apps which have become a trend following the demonetisation of high denomination notes. An app called Cashoncash also helps users track functional ATMs, banks and post offices by crowd sourcing mechanisms.

Another such app named CMS ATM Finder provides information on ATMs managed by CMS. It lets users choose their own state and city and shows a list of ATMs that are functioning. Users are also allowed to notify CMS if a particular ATM is shut or out of cash.

However, users have been reporting glitches in the software and it is still uncertain whether or not these apps will be a hit with the cash-strapped masses.