New Delhi: Insane speculations have arisen after the introduction of new Rs 2,000 note which followed the massive demonetisation announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8. From colour-changing abilities to GPS capabilities, all these speculations have been deemed as fake.

Similar to this is the recent news about the Rs 2,000 note which, when scanned through one particular smartphone application, plays Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s keynote address of his demonetisation speech. Videos showing people expressing amazement and explaining the 2,000 rupee phenomenon have been widely shared and circulated.

The mobile app, Modi Keynote by Barra Skull Studios, has now been taken off the Google Playstore. Why? Because there are now other applications in the market which claim to do the same with the Rs 2,000 note.

“Modi KeyNote app is created for entertainment purpose to spread the message of our honourable PM Modi ji and app will help to fight against black money. Just download this app, place the camera infront of your new 500 or 2000 note, within 10 sec camera will scan your note and play Modi Ji Video Speech,” another new app by Dexter_Dev, Modi Keynote, claims the same.

However, in the description, it is clearly written that the app should not be used to authenticate the new Rs 2,000 note. These apps which can be programmed to react at many things, is evidently a waste of mobile storage space.