You think you have the most technologically advanced gadget that would not outdate for a long time? Wrong. The cycle of innovation never ends, be it today, tomorrow or some days later, current technology will be replaced and the cutting edge technology of today will obsolete in a near future.

Here is a list of upcoming technologies that you should keep an eye on:

Oculus Rift

Are you one of those who want to live in virtual world and imagine being in the game? Then Oculus Rift is the best device for you! Oculus Rift is a virtual reality gaming device which makes you feel that you are actually inside a game. Though there are many Virtual Reality kits available in the market, but oculus will provide same experience in low price around $300(Approx Rs 18, 000). Recently Mark Zuckerberg acquired Oculus VR and displayed the consumer version at E3 2015.

Google Self Driving Car

Google is coming up with a new project of self driving cars led by Engineer Sebastian Thrun, director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Google managed to hide their secret recipe behind the artificial intelligence used in the car. As far as what can be seen, this car comprises of sensors and radars on every side which can detect physical objects and is also mounted with a camera on top which detects cars and people on the road. Google is also working upon analysing the behaviour of the people on the road because some movements of the people can be sudden and cannot be anticipated, which can lead to accidents. 

Eye Tribe

Just imagine working or playing games on your favourite device without a moving even a single finger. Seems impossible right? But Eye Tribe has actually done it. You can now control your device, play games only with your eye movement. The world’s first eye tracker is available on the website with full SDK only at $99

Form 1 3D Printer

Form 1 is a revolutionary product which can print anything and everything you want. Just imagine, you need a product which is not available easily, just download the blueprint or create your own and let the printer do everything for you.  Anyone can create any product with their innovation and custom design. The only major drawback of this printer is that anyone can make lethal products which are quit dangerous for the people. The printer is priced at a insane $2799(Approx Rs 1, 80,000), but getting everything you want, this is reasonable price.

Leap Motion

It becomes pretty difficult to operate big touch screens and might not be comfortable for long hours. Leap motion brings you the feature of controlling your screen without even touching it, it captures your hand gestures and execute the action accordingly. Leap Motion can be utilized to a great extent when combined with a VR kit and would overall change the gaming market. Though some of the smart TV’s and laptops are coming with this technology but it has yet to make its stand in the market. Leap motion kits are also available for PCs and Macs.

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