Ahead of the highly-anticipated release of Nokia 2 mobile phone in Gurugram on Tuesday, we bring you the 5 phones from the Finnish mobile-making giants that ruled the Indian market for more than a decade. With the turn of the millennium, India was undergoing a radical change in terms of technology but the feeders of cutting-edge technology were less and the demand among more than billion consumers was cosmic. In September 2000, Nokia stomped its authority in the world mobile market with the launch of Nokia 3310 and also, replenished the tech-hungry Indian consumers with the revolutionary product of that time.

Be it Nokia 3310, Nokia 6600, Nokia XpressMusic phones or Nokia communicators; the demand and anticipation for Nokia mobile phones among users were unprecedented. Nokia ruled the Indian market undisputedly and unchallenged for several years till the advent of the giant-slayer Android operating system. But let’s have a look at those trend-setting mobile phones that helped Nokia reign supreme for almost a decade.

Nokia 3310   
The GSM mobile phone took the market by storm and reached such popularity that only a few phones have enjoyed in the past. Nokia 3310 gained a cult status among users for its incredible durability and sturdy body. The Finnish company sold over 126 million units of the phone worldwide.


Nokia 1100

Nokia launched a stellar Nokia 1100 which was slimmer, lighter and faster than the old Nokia 3310 but the mobile maker themselves couldn’t have imagined the success Nokia 1100 was bound to bring. A close to 250 million units of the revolutionary mobile were sold worldwide and it still sits top of the list of highest selling mobile phones in the world ever.


Nokia 6600

A smartphone launched in 2003 which had a camera, music player, video player, Bluetooth and expandable memory feature. The most advanced mobile phone of its time, Nokia 6600 stepped into the Indian market with a staggering price tag of Rs 42,000. As the time passed, the price of the phone came down and the selling numbers increased. Known for its durability and trend-setting features, Nokia sold over 150 million 6600 models across the world.


Nokia N-Gage

This game-centric mobile phone became a sensation among the young generation due to its stylish body. The original development codename of the phone was Starship but it was later changed to N-Gage. Although it couldn’t match the commercial success of its predecessors, Nokia N-Gage still remains fresh in the memories of mobile users.


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

The phone was launched in 2008 and rose to prominence for its touch-screen, stylus and affordable price. It was one stylish phone of its time which gave an incredible music output. Also, one major USP of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was its large screen size.