In this digital era, one gadget which we love the most is our smartphones. With the advancement of technology, smartphones are increasingly playing roles in daily life routines. With a plethora of features and productivity solutions, we are too much dependent on our smartphones for a number of reasons like for listening music, paying your bills, for entertainment, tracking your health, controlling your home centre and a lots more. But since smartphones have become increasingly productive, we should also be concerned about to keep them safe to make sure that they don’t abandon us when we need them the most. Here are 5 ways to consider while taking care of your smartphones.

A protective case is a must 

We all like out glaring, wide and long display our smartphones with metallic edges, or even the glass backs, so a protective case, may be hybrid or silicon cover would make sure that random fall from your hand to save your smartphone.

Even if it’s water-resistant, keep away from water, other fluids

Though most smartphones are not water-resistance, except you own a flagship or something, it’s always advisable to keep your phone away from water, or other types of fluidic stuff as you never know which part of your smartphones gets affected which can create trouble for your phone. 

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Don’t put up your smartphones in direct sunlight

Since it’s an electronic device, avoid eighter sides of your smartphones facing directly towards sunlight or use your phone in a way so that it gets the lest exposure to sunlight. Since our powerful electronic device gets already heated up while we use it, it’s better to avoid ways from which it could get more heat.

Always keep your battery charged above 60%

While it’s difficult to manage smartphone’s power back-up while we continue to use it, keeping it always charged more than 60-70% protects the battery to drain slowly and increases its life. While charging your phone again and again for short interval of time is also not suggested.

Avoid using oily hands or using the phone while you are eating

Since any kind of fluid can harm some or the other part of our smartphones, its advisable to not use the smartphone while eating. As when we eat food, the oils stick to our fingers which later penetrates into our smartphones and can damage them. 

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