In another cyber security breakout, the twitter account of Press Trust of India (PTI) was hacked on Wednesday.

According to reports, the new agency’s twitter account was hacked for around close to half-an-hour on Wednesday evening.

Reports also revealed that the account was hacked by ‘Iranian Crack Security team’ as the profile image of news agency’s twitter account page was showing, ‘Iran Crack Security team’ after it was hacked.

After the twitter account of PTI was hacked, a tweet was posted saying, “Best channel in the telegram join to channel and learn something news.”

Also, the profile image of the account was also changed. Following the hacking of the account, PTI tweeted and said:

Few months back, in another such incident, Congress party vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account was also hacked. Many derogatory tweets were published by the hackers to tarnish his image.