LG V20, a phone that ticks all the boxes when we talk about a high end premium smartphone. The phone offers a big bright display, the latest processor powering the latest android OS, a great camera and an awesome audio system.

With these great offerings the V20 of course is competing with the likes of the Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 plus. But the question is will you like the V20 more than the rest….well let’s just say beauty is subjective.

Alright let’s talk about the looks because looks matter especially when you are paying half a lakh for a phone. It’s a big phone as big as the iPhone 7 plus.

LG has used metal and plastic to give you a phone that looks different if not as attractive as the iPhone 7 plus. This display is bright and has cool tone to it. It’s quiet sturdy and feels good to hold.

One hand operation is a no it will slip and if it does slip it won’t break because of the use of military grade made metal and a removable back.

You get a 5.7″ display here which is interestingly divided into two displays. You get an always-on 2.1-inch, 160-by-1,040 “secondary” display, which you can find in the top right corner above the primary display.

The secondary display will show you notifications, you can put widgets there, apps basically whatever you need quick access to. It’s useful but it’s not a necessity.

The V20 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor along with 4GB of RAM. Now the bench mark scores would put the Google pixel XL on top but this phone is no slouch. It does what it does quiet smoothly and the real world usage is as fast and as smooth as one would want it to be.

Multitasking is fluid as you switch between the tasks, in fact one can have fifteen to twenty windows open and still not feel any lag. This is the first non pixel phone to run on Androids latest 7.0 nougat OS. LG has done its own heavy customization on top however it doesn’t affect the overall performance.

So far all good however when we talk about the battery life it is not good. The battery life is something to complain about. The phone will not last you the day but then with the removable battery either you can buy a spare one or make use of quick charging and get those power whenever you get a chance.

Like the G5 V20 houses two cameras at the back. One 16MP with OIS and an 8MP camera with wide angle lens. It’s a good combination to get wide variety of pictures however you might feel that it doesn’t unto the image quality of a Google pixel XL or the iPhone 7 plus.

You are not wrong to feel that but you can change that feeling by using the manual controls that you get with the camera. With manual controls one can get beautiful pictures that give good details and colours, you just have to know how to play around with the settings.

The other big USP of the V20 is its audio quality. It’s the best sounding smartphone in the market right now. The LG V20 uses four digital to analog converters that takes the audio quality to a whole new level.

The B&O headphones that come bundled along with the smartphone make the audio listening experience totally worth it.

So in conclusion I will say it again the LG V20 ticks all the boxes however it doesn’t really outshines the competition in any particular department. Everything about the LG V20 is good but it’s not the best.