Apple has announced that it will hold a conference in June where it will announce new products. However, this time, with Apple celebrating its 10th successful anniversary, the expectations are much higher… and wilder.

Apple’s latest product which it introduced along with the iPhone 7 was the wireless earphones, a product which saw the end of the earphone jack. But apart from that, Apple has purportedly held itself back so that the 10th anniversary would emerge as a massive financial year for the company.

So, what is a 3D selfie?

With rumours about Apple getting rid of the home button, we’d expect that some major sprucing up of the security analysis will be done. And to quell that tension, the new iPhone 8 will be able to do face recognition – wait for it – using lasers. If lasers can successfully scan the contours of person’s face, than it basically means that the smartphone can click a 3D picture.

It is being reported that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel will be present on the occasion and will outline his company’s new moustache technology which uses the 3D feature of the iPhone. So, when you go for that moustache filter on Snapchat, the 3D feature will seemingly make it look real.

‘Right out of a Harry Potter book’, that’s the talk of the town when it comes to the iPhone 8.