Social media giant WhatsApp is all set to make a monumental change in the lives of everyone with its upcoming app update by revealing nothing new but a ‘similar’ concept through its new WhatsApp Status feature.  

The all new Status feature which is expected to roll out globally in phases, starting with US and parts of Europe first, will provide users to use photos, videos, GIF images, drawings, emojis with a caption in their Status updates. 

The updates made by the users in their status will be visible to selected friends for 24 hours, before fading away. 

If it rings bell in your ears then that’s because it’s exactly the same thing social media app Snapchat is famous for.

The look-alike feature is inspired from Snapchat’s massively successful Story feature that was launched three years ago which lets users share regular updates through small videos and pictures in their 24-hour day timelines.

It doesn’t come as a huge surprise as the Facebook-owned app, which also possesses Instagram, rolled out a similar feature named ‘Instagram Stories’ last summer.

In Instagram, stories are placed in its main tab above its feed while in WhatsApp it is going to be buried in the status section, giving users a separate and concealed place.

The cloned feature will make a bigger impact in WhatsApp than it did on Instagram as people are connected simply by typing and reading messages of whom they are acquainted with, rather than endlessly scroll through new feeds of other people’s content.

WhatsApp status updates that user create will be visible to their contacts by default and it can be changed by going in contacts settings.

The ‘Status’ feature will be made available to all WhatsApp users on Android, iOS and Windows.