NEW DELHI: Well, if this true, then it would be a surprise for the Xiaomi fans as the Chinese giant in smartphones has not revealed a lot of details on its upcoming version except a really slim device shown sideways with the alphabets ‘P’ and ‘K’ on either sides. However, the rumours suggest that it could possibly be a successor to its Mi 4 smartphone.

Xiaomi recently published a teaser post regarding a reported device to be exposed on July 16 which is now assumed to be next Mi smartphone. 

While there has been no confirmation from the company on the same, the latest reports say that it would be a delight for the Xiaomi lovers.

Let’s have a look on five important things the reported phone would boast about:

•Dubbed as Mi5, the flagship smartphone is likely to be unveiled with a 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor.
•Believing the past rumours, it is also indicated that next version from Xiaomi will boast of 5.3 inch display backed by a of 1440 X 2560 pixels resolution and dual rear cameras with LED flash on either ends.
•The smartphone is also reported to include a 16GB or a 64GB internal storage.
•The battery back-up is another positive feature boasting 3,030mAh battery, reports said.
•The supposed Android Lollipop- based smartphone is also likely to include a fingerprint scanner.

While these features are being rumoured largely for Mi 5, an advanced edition from Xiaomi, there are also some reports that suggest a slightly different 5.2-inch screen size and a 20.2 megapixel rear camera instead of a 16 megapixel combined with 6 megapixel front snapper. 

Well, we can only wait and watch what the Chinese giant has in store for us on July 16. And if it’s the successor to its Mi 4 smartphone, it shall definitely be a monsoon treat from the brand to its followers.


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