Apple has recently launched iOS9 beta version for public use which offers small but significant changes. First preview of iOS 9 was released for registered users with Developer ID for $99, but now has been launched in public for free.

Even though the Beta version is available free in public, one should be careful regarding using this iOS as it is in Beta version and is likely to be supported with bugs and glitches. Using on your daily driver phone is not recommended.

Let’s have a look on its key features:

• The electronic giant has come up with a new feature for selfie lovers. Now, all the selfies and screenshots will be automatically arranged in different folders and will provide ease to access to those embarrassing selfies.

• The screen keyboard has also been slightly altered. Until now, when the shift was pressed, the only way to know if it was activated was by looking at shift key colour, which was obviously not a good UI element. But now, when the shift will be turned on, the letters on keyboard will transform into uppercase and vice-versa.

• Siri on the other hand has also undergone backend changes and is faster, provides better result and comes with ‘Nearby’ feature which lets you search hotels, restaurants, shops and bars close in range.

• Apart from this, Apple has also launched news app similar to Flipboard which provides news regularly.  Since this feature is not coming to India, anybody of us would not be really interested in it.

• SlideOver will be available in next update but only for iPad users. This app works similar as multi-window in Android, where user can work on two apps simultaneously eliminating the hassle to switch applications, when using together.

• ‘Notes’ have been completely revamped and now supports the ability to insert maps, photos, checklists, and more in each note. Users can also draw with their fingertips in every note.

If you love the new features and can’t wait to give it a shot, download the beta version and you can also comment in our comment section and do let us know how you feel about the new iOS.

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