People say that most Indians have an inborn trait of always lending a helping hand to the needy, even they themselves are hanging by a single thread. In one such case, which seems to have taken over the social media platform like WhatsApp and Facebook, with a storm talks about a unique 9-digit phone number saying that a call from 777888999 could set your phone on fire and if messages are to be believed, it could get you killed too.

Taking the cognizance of the circulated messages, many took to their social media accounts warning people from picking up a call from the number 777888999.

A few of them read:

So what is the mystery behind the number?

You do not need to be a professional techie or a hacker to understand the real absurdness of this information. For starters, there are no real documents proving that a call from the number might result in the blast of your phone.

Secondly, the number has only 9-digits, making it of ‘no-use’ in India.

Thirdly, if the number was from a foreign country, it would have that country’s code pre-fixed before the number.

Above all, there no, not even a single document to prove the authenticity of the number.

As being said, many did not lose their cool as easily as many found it to be funny and later labelled it as absurd:

With an instant increase of social media platforms, the numbers of hoaxes tend to go viral without surfacing any concrete surface. We request all our viewers to not to create panic in public by forwarding such absurd information with no solid proof in hand. 

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