These days its normal that you quickly run out of the memory of your smartphone. Most of the people easily get irritated after failing to install a new application from the app store, download the videos and photos from the Internet. Underlining the problem, a new research has said that 29% Indians run out of space at least once a week and 62% at least every three months. The report has added that 36% Indian delete a photo of themselves instead of friends, pets or family. The research was conducted by flash storage solutions provider Sandisk.

Talking about the research, Khalid Wani, Director Channel Sales, Western Digital (India) at SanDisk said, ” Our research really highlights the pressure that people are under to choose what they want to keep on mobile handsets.” The countrywide research added that around 65% have also regretted deleting precious photos or videos to free up storage space. The report also reveals the interesting fact that average smartphone users in India take 31 photos and 14 videos in a week. The quantity and quality of digital images and videos have increased rapidly in the recent times.

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The research also found that 46% Indians have to remove files or data from their main handsets to make space once a week, while 77% do the same once a month. The research also stressed at security problems faced by the smartphone users these days, the research highlighted that 67% of respondents were worried about losing files from the smartphone through product malfunction or digital stealing.

Almost 64% respondents said that they had lost an important photo or video from their smartphone as a result of files not being backed up. The research found that “around 46% people in India manually back up their data and files from the main handset once a week, 6 % never back up files at all.

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