Google recently announced that it would update its Home virtual assistant/speaker with Bluetooth audio support but the update has accidentally begun to roll out silently to some Home owners, the media reported.

At the Google I/O 2017 – an annual developer festival held in California in May — the company announced Bluetooth streaming will be available on Home.  

“Even though Bluetooth is as old as the hills in tech years, it still took some time to get this feature ready. It’s rolling out now and you might already have it on your Google Home,” tech website Android Police said on Friday. 

The update does not appear to be widely available and Google hasn’t announced yet when it will be releasing Bluetooth support for the Google Home. 

When the update does roll out for real, users will be able to use it as a Bluetooth speaker. 

Google’s own Home speaker has supported the company’s Chromecast Audio standard since launch.

The new addition of Bluetooth will work with Home for music streaming, as well as allow it to be used as a speaker even without Wi-Fi.  

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