In a shocking incident, a resident of Delhi named Mir Rafae figured that his Uber app was apparently hacked and was showing that a booking was made in Russia.

 While he instantly cancelled the booking and informed Uber about the hacking incident, Uber team called it an extremely rare case while assuring him about the investigation.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening when after receiving a notification saying all his Uber account information was updated leaving him surprised and in a fraction of a second he got another text which said that the cab was riding in a city of Russia, according to sources.

There was no financial violation as he instantly cancelled the ride from the Uber website and tweeted to Uber India about the incident to reset his account.

However, this incident could have been a great financial loss to Mr. Rafae if he was busy working and wouldn’t have reacted on the spot as international financial transactions do not require OTP.

The Uber spokesperson said that they use a system of ”risk-based authentication” to detect suspicious logins and activities. He also added that it does not provide sufficient information to access someone’s credit card account or payment information

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