Samsung Electronics on Monday said that it has agreed to join US’ 20th Century Fox and Japan’s Panasonic Corporation to expand the ecosystem for the High Dynamic Range (HDR) 10 Plus technology.

The agreement is aimed at inducing more TV producers and movie productions to join the ecosystem for the new technology, Yonhap news agency quoted Samsung as saying.

The HDR technology allows screens to deliver vivid displays by optimising brightness depending on colours, boasting improved display quality.

The HDR 10 Plus technology is a next-generation standard for high-resolution video content developed by Samsung.

Samsung said the companies will establish a license agency for HDR 10 Plus technology in January.

The participating companies will be able to share the technology to produce improved visual content.

“The partnership of the three companies will help users around the globe experience the HDR 10 Plus technology,” Samsung said.

Samsung plans to host the QLED and HDR10 Plus Summit on the sidelines of the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin, which kicks off for a six-day run on September 1, inviting business partners to promote the technology.