Tech giant Sony has always stormed the Smartphone market with its unique innovations by introducing different apps, camera features and much.

This time Sony has come up with an app in the market, which says that it can turn any object into a 3D model.  Sony’s 3D Creator app is an augmented reality (AR) marvel which can get you completely involved in the 3D world.

Sony’s vision for the 3D Creator is that people will do full head scans — the more involved version of the face scans which is not using a dual lens system or a depth sensor but only one lever lens which makes it a very clever app.

Unlike other 3D scanning apps, which use a cloud service to process data which came earlier this year, Sony’s 3D Creator app performs all the processing on the Smartphone.

The app looks for changes in light as the phone moves to determine depth which will then make the scanned objects get 3D printed and can even be turned into videos to post on social media.

As if now, we are certain that this app will feature in high-end Sony phones.

This app can surely get the little kid out in you.

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