The wait for iPhone, iPad users is finally over! World’s most advanced mobile operating system iOS has got the latest update in form if iOS 11. iOS 11 brings with it a variety of enhancements to make your iPhone/iPad experience even more smooth and better.

Here is everything you need to know about iOS 11. Read on and get started!

When will iOS 11 be available for download?

iOS 11 is available for download since Tuesday, September 11. So go and upgrade your phone now! And hey, be patient as it might take you about an hour to download the file.

Can I upgrade my old iPhone/iPad with the new software?

You certainly do not need a swany iPhone 8 to be able to feel the experience of iOS 11. The update will work with iPhones and iPads going back a few years. However, older models won’t get all the new features.

What are some unique features of iOS 11?

Brand new Control Center: Control Center has a new design so that it sits on a single screen instead of two or three swiping panels. You can also customise it and decide which buttons you want to see and hide.

New editing options on Live Photos: You can play around with your pictures by opening a Live Photo in the Photos app. These options are similar to those in Instagram, but you can get them without having to post your content on social media.

One-handed mode: If you are occupied with some work and have only one hand free then make use if this mode. To enable this, press and hold the emoji button on the keyboard, then slide your finger over to either the left- or right-handed layout as per your preference.

Revamped App Store: Apple has also redesigned the App Store. The layout is simpler and Games has its own tab.

SOS feature: An emergency SOS feature has been added which will use your iPhone to call for help after five quick presses of the wake button.

Do Not Disturb While Driving: The feature has been there for sometime now. However, with new iOS your iPhone will be able to detect when you are in a car and stop incoming text alerts so you stay focussed on your driving.

Brighter flashlight: The flashlight now has four levels of brightness instead of three. Open the the Control Centre and long-press the flashlight icon to explore this.