Alright folks, the new iOS 11 is finally out and life has become more comfortable or sorted for Apple users as the new update is perhaps jam-packed with tons of features whether you are talking about the custom screenshots or the new customizable Control Center.  

Since the new iOS rolled out in India this weekend, the major issues that are coming to the fore are the battery consumption of the iPhone.

Whether it is quite hard to believe what your peers say about the latest update but the words on the streets are real that battery life is indeed a major issue.

For the record, Apple users are quite used to it as whenever the new update jumps in battery starts to drain in a significant amount.

Albeit everyone is not expected to go berserk on their bank accounts and get along with the latest iPhone X or 8, here are some simple and not familiar tips and tricks to make sure that your old and new iPhone will survive even in the dying stages.  

Keep a daily check on your mobile apps  

While you call it basic, key or essential but it’s important to keep a check on how much battery your apps are using. 

In order to get a rear-view, go to Settings, and then move to Battery where you will get the list of all apps that are running riots for the last 24 hours. 

Keep your phone in low power mode in closing stages

The Low power mode turned out as a major revelation as the mode helps your iPhone to calm things down as it turns off several key functions including “Hey Siri,” fetching your emails and background app refresh. You get notified to turn this lifesaver on whenever you reach the 20% battery zone. 

So in a crisis where you’re aware of the fact that you can’t access your cable wire in the near time, you can turn this mode on according to your discretion.    

Switch off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth when not using and disable widgets

Yeah we know it’s common sense to turn off the Wifi and Bluetooth when not using but as they say with big upgrades come big features and Yes! I’m talking about the newest headache which is the new customisable Control Center on your iOS 11 which doesn’t turn off your Wifi or Bluetooth even when you choose to do so.

So for real guys, you need to go Settings app and turn them off completely. 

As far as widgets go, of course, they are cute and useful but they will always be there for you in battery consumption. So to its better to keep your widgets at bay, and to remove them just tap the red circle after pressing the white cross on it.