As they say with great power comes great responsibility, but here with Apple introducing its latest major upgrade, the much awaited iOS 11 has given us nothing but all sorts of major headaches. Yes we feel you, and if we going to mention all your itching problems that the latest iOS is giving you after the upgrade,  this article will never end. Whether you’re using iPhone 5S, 6, 7, or you have pre-ordered iPhone 8, the latest iOS is here to haunt all of us. Even the almighty iPhone X can’t save you from the glitches and suffering you will witness. So first thing first, let us get down with the ‘major keys’ Apple gave it to us with iOS11.   

Speaking Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Putting things upfront, there are ample of disconcerting new iOS features Apple gave it to us with the upgrade. Coming with unpleasant surprises the most agitating move Apple has made is with the speaking of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In the meanwhile while you’re reading this story your phone’s Wi-Fi has turned off and on more than twice because the new Control Center doesn’t actually turn your Bluetooth and Wifi off as it disconnects with your iPhone just temporarily.

Sad story isn’t it? Well here’s the solution— Just go to Settings and disable these features completely which will even help you in saving your iPhone’s battery as well.

The new message dock! 

The iMessage app dock stand above all when we there’s a discussion about what people hate about or are not impressed with the latest Ios11. With problems there are solutions, so for you to get rid of this immediately you only have to hold down on your iPhone’s app icon. Then just swipe down and it will appear again so just get along with it and repeat what we mentioned to   your problem will be solved.

The new Control Center and battery consumption 

Some find it cool, some find it classy and some are even comfy with the new Control Center these days but instead of just popping up, the new CC takes up your entire phone’s screen. Although people were used to the odler CC for so long and infact it was indeed more comfortable but with its personal customization is what makes the CC acceptable.

Since the new iOS rolled out in India this weekend, the major issues that are coming to the fore are the battery consumption of the iPhone.

Whether it is quite hard to believe what your peers say about the latest update but the words on the streets are real that battery life is indeed a major issue. For the record, Apple users are quite used to it as whenever the new update jumps in battery starts to drain in a significant amount.