One of the biggest and most influential social media platforms, Twitter, is all set to roll out good news for its users by increasing the 140-character limit to 280. Last year, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey had also made an announcement regarding the character count stating that the firm would relax the limit.

On Tuesday, Twitter said that it is now testing a new feature which allows some of its users to double the amount of characters in a tweet.

However, since the feature is under testing at the moment, only a small group of people will be made available with the option. Commenting on the selection of the users, Twitter added that it will only select “single-digit percentage” of its 328 million users.

Meanwhile, Twitter kept shush on the selection process of these users and also declined to answer on what made them double their characters from 140 to 280.

Commenting on the matter, in a company blog post, Aliza Rosen (Twitter’s product manager) and senior software engineer Ikuhiro Ihara said that the process of looking into the restrictions began after differences among languages was pointed out.

In the company’s blog post they said that some languages — Chinese, Japanese and Korean — allow for greater expression in fewer characters. It is also being said that the test of the new feature will roll out in all languages except for Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Even though this move by Twitter has already created a buzz in the market with people welcoming the move, some on the other side argued that the company should have prioritised an editing tool or a clampdown on ‘nationalists’ using the platform.

Apart from this, the twitteratti also came down heavily on the US President Donald Trump claiming that now Trump has more characters to threaten other countries.

Here is how the twitteratti came down on US President: