One of the biggest tech-giants Apple has issued a public apology to all its iPhone and iPad users over the Group FaceTime bug that had caused a major audio error in its devices. It was only after Thompson family’s complaint that Apple took notice of the security flaw in its devices. The 14-year-old boy and his family, who reported the bug were thanked by Apple. In its official statement, Apple apologized to its customers worldwide for the inconvenience caused by the bug. It said that users will soon be using Group FaceTime calls as a fix is under process and within a week’s time a new update of the feature will be available.

Apple in its statement further said that as soon as the engineering team got to know about the bug, the FaceTime feature was disabled with the team now working on its software patch. The feature was disabled by Apple after the bug was reported, not immediately though. Because of the bug, a person could be heard automatically on Group FaceTime calls by the one making a call. The receivers, on the other hand, was not aware that the caller could hear them. 

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Ever since the issue came to its notice, Apple’s status page showed Group FaceTime feature as temporarily unavailable. One cannot make a Group FaceTime call till the time the feature is upgraded by the company. Initially, when the 14-year-old boy reported the error, the tech giant didn’t respond with immediate action. The security bug had led users to listen to other conversations even before the call was responded.

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