Tech giant Apple is working on a foldable iPhone in collaboration with LG Display, a display solution arm of LG, according to a South Korean report. It added that LG Display has formed a task force to develop the foldable OLED screen for a new model of iPhone likely to be launched in 2020. Foldable phones have been speculated to be next big thing by technology analysts. Samsung and Lenovo seem to be a little ahead of Apple in this regard as both have demonstrated foldable screen devices. However, devices are yet to materialise in stores.

The wait for the same might come to an end next year as Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy 10 featuring foldable display might hit the market next year. The company is currently in process of supplying first batch of foldable panels to Chinese mobile phone makers and also to its parent company. A senior research analyst had observed that Apple is unlikely to come up with a foldable smartphone until 2019. “If Samsung were to launch a foldable smartphone in 2017, we believe Apple would likely not follow suit until 2019 at the earliest,” Gene Munster, then a senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray, had remarked last year.

Apple relationship with LG has been growing over the past few years. According to a report in The Investor, the company has invested $2.70 billion in LG Display in order to secure flexible OLED panels for foldable iPhone. At present, Samsung happens to be the lead supplier of costly OLED displays for the iPhoneX and will continue to be in the next year as well if reports are to be believed. LG is also believed to be working on a new production plant in South Korea’s Paju. Sources also suggest that Apple might make investment in the new plant to boost up production of OLED panels.