Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence research group OpenAI, has developed a software that can construct a fake news article from just a few pieces of information that looks pretty much authentic. According to the article published by OpenAI on Thursday, February 14, 2019, the system was given some simple text which read, “A train carriage containing controlled nuclear materials was stolen in Cincinnati today. Its whereabouts are unknown.” according to the Hindustan Times. And from this simple message, the AI software totally constructed a seven-paragraph news story which looked convincing as the software even incorporated quotes from government officials. However, with a warning, the story is entirely fake and untrue.

Meanwhile, speaking about the latest software, a computer scientist at New York University Sam Bowman, said that the software is able to generate a convincing story just from prompts are stunning. Bowman was briefed about the OpenAI, however, he wasn’t involved in developing the software. According to Bowman, the software is able to do things that are qualitatively much more sophisticated than anything.

Seeing the disadvantages of the software, as a precaution, OpenAI has decided not to release the most sophisticated versions of its software. However, it has designed a tool which will allow policymakers, journalists, writers and artists to test the algorithm and see what kind of text or articles it can generate or what other tasks it can perform.

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