Chandrayaan 2: Chandrayan 2 is all set to land on the south pole of the moon, but do you know how much it cost to India. People won’t believe that Chandrayan 2 cost less than video games, movies and even the salary of a sportsman. Here we have listed a few things that cost less than Chandrayaan-2. Chandryaan-2 costs Rs 938 crore, the amount of 142 million dollars is even less than a lot of things.

ISRO confirmed the landing of Chandrayan-2 lander Vikram on the midnight of this Saturday. There are so many interesting elements that you should know about this achievement of ISRO. You will be surprised to know that Game Of Thrones, Avengers End Game, Video Games, Salary of Lionel Messi, Neymar, cost of Statue of Unity is more than the cost of Chandrayaan 2.

Statue Of Liberty: India’s recent pride that was built in Gujrat was known for its beauty and the message it delivers, yes we are talking about Statue Of Unity, you will be surprised to that the most controversial statue of India is 3 times costlier than Chandrayaan-2. The construction of this huge monument was started in 2013 and was inaugurated in 2018, you will be surprised to know that it costs Dollar 420 million. It was built on Saradar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s 143rd birth anniversary to give him a tribute and to set him an example of Statue Of Unity.

Game of Thrones: The one of the most lovable series worldwide costs more than Chandrayaan-2, today India will make history by landing Vikram the lander of Chndrayaan 2 on moon’s south pole. But people will be shocked to know that Game Of Thrones costs 10 times more than it. It costs $ 1.5 billion for 8 series. People enjoyed and criticized them but never thought that how costly it is. India can make 10 Chandrayaan at the cost of Game Of Thrones. 

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Salary of Starlet Neymar: It is surprising to note that the PSG paid $ 262 million to Brazilian football player which is direct $ 100 million more than the amount spends of Chandryaan 2. French Football club spent a lot on the players, it is not bad to spend money on the players for their hard work and their best performance but it can not be ignored that it is a huge amount. French football club PSG gave $240 million to french world cup winner, Kylian Mbappe.

Grand Theft Auto V: This video game costs $ 100 million more than Chandrayaan-2, it costs $ 256 million. GTA V is one of the most popular games of all the generation, you can relate it to your childhood how much you have played the game.

Avengers Endgame: The most trending film and of course the last part of the Marvel Avengers series, people cried after this end of the series but do you know that this only part of the film costs more than twice of Chandrayaan-2. Avengers Endgame costs $ 356 which is too much to spend on a film. Rather if we will go to the entire expenditure of the Marvel films that will blow your mind.

Lionel Messi: Famous footballer Lionel Messi is not backing in the race as he earned $127 million last year, he had so many sponsorship deals and he is known for his great performance for Argentina and Barcelona.

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