China has made history as its space agency landed a spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, reported the United States media this morning. The Chinese state broadcaster, CCTV, has confirmed that China’s spacecraft, Chang’e-4, touched on the far side of the Moon. The broadcaster further said it has sent a photo of the far side of the moon to the Queqiao satellite, which will relay communications to controllers on Earth.

It is a milestone for China in space explorations since the moon prevents communications from the far side. China’s Moon rover will carry out experiments on how to sustain life on the moon. Chang’e-4 is named after the moon goddess in Chinese mythology. The Chang’e-4 lunar probe mission was launched in December from the southwestern Xichang launch centre.

The successful landing was touted as a huge feather in China’s cap and there is a lot of enthusiasm for the space program in China. The spacecraft is 5 feet long and about 3.3 feet wide and tall, with two foldable solar panels and six wheels. China is also aiming to have a fully operational permanent space station by 2022. India is also hoping to conduct lunar missions in the near future. This is a developing story. More details are awaited.

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