The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) that usually shares the information over the current position of a satellite has kept mum about the GSAT 6A satellite which was launched into space some 48 hours back. The last update over the location of the GSAT 6A satellite came in at around 9:22 AM on March 30. The information came in after the first orbit raising was done. If reports are to be believed, the GSAT 6A satellite has suffered a massive setback in the space. In order to correct the unexpected, the engineers and scientists at ISRO are working round the clock to bring situations back to normal.

As per sources, the power systems of the satellite are facing some problems. The reports have not yet been confirmed by the senior officials of Indian Space Research Organisation. Since there is no confirmation of the incident yet, it is hard to say if the satellite can even be retrieved. The GSAT 6A by ISRO is a communication satellite made to serve the defence purposes. As per reports, the following satellite has cost ISRO something around Rs 270 crores. ISRO’s GSAT 6A was successfully launched on March 29 from Sriharikota using Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk II.

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A source told TOI that the second orbit-raising exercise that took place at around 10 AM went normal but a few minutes later there was some problem in communications which was noticed by the scientists present. Also, the customary official statement on the manoeuvre did not happen and no word was sounded on the third orbit raising exercise. Earlier in 2017, ISRO had faced a failure on August 31 after it failed to launch IRNSS 1H satellite.

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