We all love our smartphones, especially in this era when we can’t imagine our lives without them. With the advancement of technology, we are becoming more and more dependent our smartphones as they help us to increase our productivity in work, most of the time we are dependent on them for our work, sometimes to pay bills, book tickets, to study, to track our health and most of the time to entertain ourselves, so one of the most important things to note here is how to keep them charged and make sure that our smartphones batteries never disappiont us and run for the longest hours as we never know at what time, we may need them the most. So here are some ways which we should take care while charging our smartphones. 

Take care of these things while charging your smartphone

  • Try to remove back cover, protective case while charging your smartphone to allow the heat generated while charging your phone to emit out easily. 
  • Avoid using cheap quality charges, especially from other manufacturers as the flow of current and power in cheap quality chargers may be uneven at times and could be a risk for your smartphone. 
  • If your phone has not come with fast charges in-built feature, avoid using fast chargers as they may affect the battery. 
  • Do not leave your phone on charging for long hours as many phones do not have auto-power cut and if they are charged even after the battery is full, then it may blow the battery or swell it. 
  • There are a lot of third party battery saving apps, it’s better to avoid them as they themselves use the battery to run its functions, so not of any productive use. 

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  • When once charging your battery, try to make sure that it crosses at-least 80% charge, otherwise, the battery will drain quickly.
  • Avoid charging your phone especially when there is voltage fluctuation as odd-even voltage flow may harm the battery.
  • Minimize the use of charging your phone through data cable, as the flow of current and voltage, is too low, it takes a lot of time to charge the phone which is not good for your smartphone’s battery life. 
  • Try to keep your smartphone on a wooden piece while charging it as wood absorbs heat and protects your smartphone from getting heat-up.
  •  Avoid using charging your phone with a car charger, only keep that option for emergency purpose.

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