Currently, there are a lot of people who might forget the alphabets they learned when they were kids but for them to forget that their Union Minister of State for Human Resource Development Satyapal Singh termed Darwin’s evolution theory ‘wrong’ is something which is surely going to take some time settle. Now, if you think that the remarks by BJP leader, Satyapal Singh were forgotten by the people, well it’s not that easy. In order to kill the doubts of the common people regarding the evolution theory, scientists from across the country will be taking to streets to celebrate Darwin Week from February 12 to 18.

In the Darwin Week being celebrated by the Indian scientists to remove all the doubts surrounding the human evolution from apes, the scientists will try to assert that Darwin’s theory of evolution offers the correct explanation of the observed evolution in nature through various workshops and seminars. The protest will be taken out to state that Darwin’s theory offers the full explanation of human evaluation and needs no debate. As per reports, the remarks by Human Resource Development Satyapal Singh seem to have compelled the scientific community to stage protest in the form of Darwin Week to free the people from the doubts on evolution.

The Darwin Week is being organised by The India March for Science Organising Committee and the Breakthrough Science Society of India. Earlier, the committee had organised a protest in order to seek funds from the government to support their research and education. Speaking to PTI, Associate Professor at IISER Kolkata said, “The objective of the Darwin Week will be to remove any doubt that has been planted in the minds of the common people about Darwin’s theory of evolution”. Banerjee who is also the General Secretary of the Breakthrough Science Society All India Committee said, “A seed of doubt has been planted among the common people and students that the theory may be wrong – that it’s just a theory.” So in order to counter this theory, scientists will go to schools and colleges and remove doubts about Darwin’s theory, he added.

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