In a move to strengthen its artificial intelligence (AI), Social Media networking giant Facebook has acquired startup GrokStyle. Although GrokStyle hasn’t disclosed its acquisition by Facebook, its website read that the company was winding down its business, however, it was moving on as a team along with its technology. Facebook spokesperson Vanessa Chan in an official announcement said that the company was pleased to welcome GrokStyle on-board, and added, its team and technology would be contributing to Facebook’s AI capabilities further. Vanessa did not reveal the deal purchase price, though.

As far as GrokStyle technology was concerned, it allowed a user to take a picture of a furniture piece, thus matching it with similar products available online making it feasible for users to make the purchase. The technology was certainly a boon for Facebook as it would offer a great marketplace to the Facebook users making similar product related purchases. In 2018, Facebook acquired four companies which were mainly based on artificial intelligence and message service. This was the second acquisition by Facebook this year preceding to company Chain space, a blockchain technology company. 

Simultaneously, Facebook will also be expanding its charitable services this year. The network aims to organise blood donations feature in the US along with expanding Instagram feature letting people support their preferable non-profit stickers in stories. Earlier this month, the social media giant had announced that it would not be launching app LOL and would rather focus on building a messenger app called Messanger Kids meant for children under 13 years of age. The company had formed a team of more than 100 employees to work on the same.


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