A dedicated team of Facebook officials has been training officers of the Election Commission of Pakistan ahead of general elections to prevent the misuse of social media platform, say reports. According to the sources, Facebook has deployed a team of experts to train the Electoral officials in Pakistan to enhance safety and security measures. 

Pakistan general elections are scheduled to be held on July 25 and Facebook along with Pak election officials is trying to prevent abuse of social media platform. A Facebook official in Pakistan said that the tech giant is trying to ensure the integrity of elections in Pakistan and other countries.

The Facebook official added that the company officials are working closely with Pak Election Commission to ensure transparency and deal with the specific challenges.

Earlier, Facebook had apologised to around 14 million users after a report claimed that Facebook sold its user data to the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytical.

As per reports, the users’ privacy was breached and leaked because of a bug. The users’ data was active for around 10 days, between May 18 and May 27 and shared users’ data without permission.

Facebook had also apologised to its 14 million users and said that it was unintentional. 

Talking to reporters, Facebook’s chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, had said that users’ private information were made public due to a privacy bug. He further added that the company would inform all users about the privacy glitch.

Egan added said that the company has rectified the privacy glitch, but could not make changes in the privacy settings of all posts. Assuring users of growing privacy concerns, he said we are going to inform the all 14 million users affected due to this privacy bug.

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