India in the past decade has emerged as one of the biggest smartphones market in the world. You name a brand and you will find millions of users relishing the services across the subcontinent. From being considered a prized possession, feature phones have gone on to become an essential part of daily lives. The latest trend in the market is of getting the customers cheap affordable phones that they can brag about. The Indian market has already witnessed a revolution of sorts with the introduction of the popular jioPhone by Reliance Jio which became popular instantly as it came for no effective cost. A sum of Rs 1500 as security deposit was all you need to pay to get your hands on the small package with an assurity of getting the amount back once you returned the phone.

With the revolution came innovation as new brands jumped into the market and flooded the market with more cheaper options. The likes of iKall, Peace and Viva launched affordable feature handsets for cost starting at a surprisingly low key rate of Rs 249. Though these phones unlike big smartphones don’t offer mesmerising camera and smooth touch experience but sure can be a great back-up option for all those who want a second phone for calling purposes. They come with a solid a battery life and are crafted to perfection which makes them stand apart from other budget phones. Here are three feature phones which you can buy under INR 500.

iKall K71

Though their are a number of affordable options available in the market, but their is nothing like the iKall K71. The compact smartphone has been launched exclusively on ShopClues and has been priced at Rs 249. The device offers a great 800 mAH battery which offers talk time of up to four hours and standby time of up to 24 hours. You cannot ask for much at such a decent price but iKall K71 which is a BIS-certified device comes with a beautiful 1.4-inch monochrome display and also features a useful torch and FM player. The company iKall is offering the device in several neon colour options like Yellow, Red, Blue and dark blue. On top of that iKall K71 comes with a 1 year warranty.

Viva V1

Another affordable feature phone which can be availed exclusively on Shopclues in India. The Viva V1 is priced at Rs 349 and sports a 1.44-inch monochrome display and a keypad. The battery is comparatively less powerful than the iKall K71 but it offers several other utilities like FM Radio, torchlight, calender, calculator and a few games. Viva is manufacturing the devices in India and is offering them in a two colours namely orange and black with a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Peace P3310

Peace P3310 is best out of the lot in terms of looks and is rightfully priced at Rs 499 but one can buy the device on Shopclues at a discounted rate of Rs 349. A single sim variant with 1.44-inch display, Peace P3310 is bar shaped and offers a 850 mAH battery. The phone comes with features like FM Radio, phonebook, LED torch and calculator. It also supports 2G connection and can be used to surf internet. A perfect pocket device, Peace P3310 comes with a 1-year warranty and is availiable in only orange colour.


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