On this International Women’s Day, Google Doodle gave a little gift to all the visitors with illustrations from 12 different female artists from 12 countries in the world, telling their story in their own way. Every photo is a depiction of something in its own way with a hidden meaning. These 12 artists from 12 different countries tell us a unique story, however, the themes are universal in its own beautiful way. Kaveri Gopalakrishnan. an independent comics maker from Bengaluru, India is one of the artists whose work has been featured in the Women’s Day 2018 Google Doodle.

Kaveri’s work is about a girl who reads books on her rooftop. he describes her work as “shots from an animated film that is multi-sensorial”. Responding to Firstpost, she shared her influences such as The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, a lot of the translated Katha Inner Courtyard stories, select poems by Ted Hughes/WH Auden, the graphic novel version of The Fountain, Lord of the Rings.

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Here are the 12 artists who used their imagination to tell different stories in the most poignant manner

1. Anna Haifisch from Leipzig, Germany created a story titled ‘Nov 1989’

2. Chihiro Takeuchi from Osaka, Japan made a story titled ‘Ages and Stages’

3. Estelí Meza from Mexico created a story titled ‘My Aunt Blossoms

4. Francesca Sanna from Zurich, Switzerland illustrated a tale called ‘The Box’

5. Isuri from Colombo, Sri Lanka made a story called ‘Aarthi the Amazing’

6. Karabo Poppy Moletsane from Johannesburg, South Africa made ‘Ntsoaki’s Victory’

 7. Kaveri Gopalakrishnan from Mysore, Karnataka created ‘Up on the Roof’

8. Laerte from Sao Paulo, Brazil made a story titled ‘Love’

9. Philippa Rice from Nottingham, UK illustrated a story titled ‘Trust’

10. Saffa Khan who is originally from Pakistan, but now lives in Manchester, UK, created a story called ‘Homeland’

11. Tillie Walden from Austin, Texas, US made illustration titled ‘Minutes’

12. Tunalaya Dunn from Bangkok, Thailand created illustration titled ‘Inwards.’


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