Imagine if you are at a beautiful place surrounded by gorgeous sceneries but no one to click pictures for you or the light changes before you manually complete the process. Sad, isn’t it? Don’t worry! As always, Google has come to the rescue for everyone who loves capturing beautiful moments on the lens. Google announced a new camera — Google Clips, which is surely going to bring a game changer in this sector. Google Clips, which captures images using artificial intelligence (AI) to capture beautiful moments, is priced at $249 (Rs 16,000 expected price in India).

The camera, by Alphabet’s Google, is designed to capture meaningful movements on its own without even you clicking any button. While making the announcement at an event in San Francisco, Google product manager said that after the camera is switched on, Google is itself constantly searching for moments to capture. He said that Google Clips is constantly looking out for certain people, facial expressions like smiles and other indications that it should record footage.

Google’s Clips is capable of capturing videos and pictures for up to 3-hours constantly. The AI operated Google‘s camera can also automatically select the best moments for its owner.

Even though the announcement by the tech giant, Google, comes as a celebration to many, but since the Google camera, Clips is AI operated, it needs to be trained. Just like ‘Siri’ — offered by Apple, all the AI run devices need to be trained. In order to make it more user friendly, Google actually worked with video editors and an army of image raters to train its models. Users would need to connect the camera to their phone in order to see what they’ve shot with Clips.

The company claims the camera is smart enough to recognize familiar faces over time, like family members, so that it knows when to snap photos. It’s also capable of recognizing pets.

During the launch of Google’s camera, Clips, Google shared the idea behind Clips invention. Google said, “When you are behind the camera you look out for beautiful moments and people you care about. Well Google has brought its camera, Clips, to capture these moments for you, so that you can be in the moment.”