Are you waiting for a Google maps update? Here is the new update for Google Maps to share your live location and ETA with friends so that they can track your location. Google maps have been strained for quite a long time in upgrading the software for the people. The latest update in Google maps is an upgrade to the original Share Location feature that is designed to share the location in real-time while travelling to an unknown place. This feature allows the users to share live location and ETA for train and bus journeys. The update has come for the android devices and iOS is expecting to land the update in the coming time. The update for sharing the live location and ETA will start once you update the application from the play store. The latest Google maps update lets you share your current location with family and close friends.

The update for Google maps allows the user to share their current live-location and ETA not just with your google synced contacts but also with people who are using a third-party application like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. The sharing of your current location is very easy and user-friendly, go to the Transit tab after adding your final location, enable navigation for the required route and select the destination and tap Share Trip button. The user can also select the third party application such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts to share your live location and ETA. The progress of your trip will directly go the desired person through the application. This feature is yet to come in iOS systems, hope it comes soon. This upgrade comes as an extension to the original Share Location feature which came in March last year.

Sharing live location and ETA is easy now.

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