Saturday, October 1, 2022

Google rolls out estimated toll charges for a route

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Google has released a new Google Maps tool that calculates how much one would have to pay in tolls when travelling along a specific route. The capability is available on Android and iOS apps, according to Google.

According to GSM Arena, Android Police has seen the new toll price in the app, albeit it is not yet visible on the pair of smartphones it has tried along the same route. The ‘toll’ function was initially introduced by Google in April.

Google claims that the shown costs are based on “reliable information from local tolling authorities,” with the overall cost taking into consideration the number of tolls and time of day. While calculating routes, there is also an option to “avoid tolls.”

Previously, Google Maps could warn users when a route was due for a toll, but it couldn’t compute the toll. This has changed with the most recent release.

This capability is accessible in iOS and Android applications on around 2000 toll highways in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia, according to Google. It plans to expand assistance to other countries’soon.’

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