Search engine giant Google is likely to roll out the much awaited advanced Augmented Reality (AR) tools to its YouTube Stories. With the help of AR technology, the search engine will allow its users to add animated masks, glasses, 3D hats and more such objects to their selfies. With the improved technology, the AR effects will make YouTube stories to look more real and responsive. The company is working on new technology to improve its accuracy and other related things.

The tech engine giant is also adding AR features to its Maps which can allow its users to find their way with directions on reality checks.

Research Engineers, Google Artificial Intelligence (AI),Artsiom Ablavatski and Ivan Grishchenko had also written a blog post about the new technology. Both the engineers wrote that they are employing machine learning (ML) tools to infer approximate 3D surface geometry to enhance and add more visual effects for Argumneted Technology.

They said that they are excited to share this new technology with creators, users and developers alike. They also added that they are planning to enlarge this technology to more Google products in future.

Earlier, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat have already taken this feature and have added to their platform stories. All the platforms are doing great with this new feature to enable its users to add more effects in their stories.

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